The notes below are complimentary to the youtube video showing students how to setup Jenkins on the cloud along with

The Video

On your browser

  1. Create an account on Vultr

  2. Head to Products > Plus button > Deploy new server

    1. Choose server - Cloud compute
    2. Server location - Sydney
    3. Server type - Marketplace Apps > Docker > Ubuntu 20.04 x64
  3. Head to Products > Server > Server Details and note down ip address, username and password

    It should look something like root and v3j4by@341 respectively

On your terminal

  1. Remote into your newly created instance via ssh

    ssh <username>@<ip address>
  2. Create a docker container with Jenkins official image and give it a custom name myjenkins

    docker run -d --restart always -p 80:8080 -p 50000:50000 -v jenkins_home:/var/jenkins_home --name myjenkins jenkins/jenkins:lts-jdk11
  3. Find your initial password by executing the command below, it should look something like a1234b32b32412asdf123vbdfgasfqwer

    docker exec myjenkins cat /var/jenkins_home/secrets/initialAdminPassword

On your browser

  1. Open your browser and head to <ip address> e.g.